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Good design is all about good, clear communication.

We’ve been here since 2000 and have the skills to match. We work on branding, logo design, general design, graphics, publicity materials, advertising and websites. More importantly we have the imagination to provide you with an image that will make your look work for you. We also understand how good design works and how to not make ether mistakes that may hamper the diverse requirements of your identity across both print and digital media. It’s the end result that’s important, but making the process of getting there easy is part of what we do.

Our ethos is simple, we produce quality creative design in a no-nonsense way. We can tailor our services to your budget whether for print design and management, web design, display services, project management, installations, exhibitions or consultancy.

for Print

We have stacks of experience at getting ink on paper in the right way, exactly where you want it to be so your material always look their best. We also offer both brokering and buy-in services for print, so whether it’s business cards or leaflets delivered to your door or a complex feature rich catalogue, brochure or booklet we can handle it for you. We can also offer a variety of display material and large format printing. With all types of print we work through a variety of printing partners and associates who we have developed brilliant relationships with because they’re good people.

and Web

We started producing websites for clients in 2003 hard coding them in HTML. Things have moved on and so have we. We now base everything we do on WordPress so you have as much control over your website and content as you want in an easy, popular and accessible format. We offer a range of packages and can advise on hosting, plugins and linking it up to your social media making sure you get those pixels in front of the right people.


We’ve helped publish lots of books and magazines since we started out. Working both with people starting out in publishing and for major publishers. We can design jackets and covers, produce layouts and final artwork for publications to an exceptionally high standard and organise the print for you for practically any run length. And we’ll tailor the process to help you along the way.


Everything needs good content to make it look good, we can provide photography and specialise ourselves. If we can’t provide what you need we have a network of freelancers with different skill sets to suit who will be able to fulfil your requirements.


Words are where we work, we can create content for you, or commission content, adapt your existing content, or start from scratch if needed, talk to use about what you need to say and we will help you say it.

Social Media

We run accounts for people but are just as happy helping to set up and brand accounts and help them run them. We can offer advice and have developed an intimate understanding of the nature of Social Media and how to stop it becoming impersonal and can advise on blogging and how best to create a flow of entertaining information that will help you to engage with a digital audience, whether it’s via Twitter or Facebook, Instagram or Google.


If you are new to it all and want to test the waters we offer a free consultation to discuss what you need to get you off the ground and running. We can also offer discounts and bonus offers to start-up businesses to get you on track. We’ll help you develop a design strategy to give you an advantage. And if you’re an old hand and want a fresh look at how the image of your business or organisation works for you and your clients we can help you with that too.

Our new Imaging services!

We work a lot with archives and love old images. We’ve have a range of equipment and skills that mean we can now offer these services not just to museums and archives but to anyone who needs negatives, photos, slides or glass plates copied. We also offer retouching services, cleaning and repairing images, Prices start as low as £4 with discounts for bulk work.


Our work spans all sectors, from business start-ups to SME and large organisations and businesses, from public and voluntary sector to commercial.

We work extensively in the heritage and museums sector, and not just with design. We also offer picture and story research, can create content, and can assist with all types of installations and displays whether it’s fixed, mobile or pop-up no matter what the budget. We pride ourselves on creating unusual and different ways of looking at history.

We work a lot with publishing, especially poetry, and have a real understanding of how it works; often on limited budgets to create beautiful products whether you are a first time author or just want to refresh a line.


Please do get in touch.

Telephone: 01603 624442


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